Monday, July 21, 2008

raven's first hike!

matt and i decided this past weekend to get out and do something fun (unpacking and organizing has been getting a little old!). so, we drove out to mt. rainier and went on a little hike!
raven slept the whole way...probably because daddy was carrying her :)

we also saw (and heard) brown bear along the trail. if you look carefully at the wooded pic you can see the bear. i took one pic and he looked at up at us...matt told me not to do that again, and the bear ran a little further away. it was actually a little scary, but we were glad to get out to the mountains! we have to make the most of our summer days!

Monday, July 14, 2008

catching up...

i finally have some time to put up some recent pics of raven. she has been growing fast and changes every day!
she loves the bath and always cries when we take her out (thats the first pic). yesterday i put a little clip in her hair for the first time...and it surprisingly stayed in all day! (that's the next pic).

we are getting settled into our new house...slowly but surely...and will have more pics to post soon!