Friday, February 19, 2010

a trip not quickly forgotten

our relaxing mexican family vacation was anything but relaxing. matt and i had to turn on survival mode for the 4 nights and 5 days we were traveling, and we only had a couple brief moments that felt like vacation.
when we arrived to our 2 bedroom suite we were sharing with friends, we discovered that this luxurious suite was actually a windows, no doors, 4 adults, 3 kids... we all decided to try it for one night and the children reassured us that this was not going to work. night 1: a symphony of babies crying.
in the meanwhile, raven began to act like a different little girl. many break-downs with lots of tears. she was coughing a lot, so i knew she was sick, but the lack of sleep was not helping.
the next day we went to the beach and came back to the room for a nap (by this time our friends had moved to a new room). we had the baby monitor down by the pool, and raven was supposed to be sleeping. we could hear her playing and talking, which she does a lot. she was saying "oh no," "help please," "hey you." we assumed she was playing with her baby, but when i went in there an hour and a half later, i found her with diaper and pants off...and poop everywhere! *deep breath* day 2: no nap = huge break-down tantrum at dinner in front of all our friends. she also reached over and pulled hazel's hair. very unlike her - she usually only has hugs and kisses for hazel. get me out of here.
the next day matt went on a fishing excursion with the guys. this was his turn to have a little vacation that i'm sure didn't last long enough for the meanwhile i took the girls to the beach. raven put sand all in her hair, got it in her eyes, and absolutely freaked out when i tried to wash it off in the ocean...i don't remember what hazel was doing during these chaotic moments. day 3: another unsuccessful day.
day 4 was the first day of my vacation, and our last full day in sayulita. matt watched the girls so i could go to breakfast with the other ladies on the trip...and then a little shopping in the village, and a walk on the beach BY MYSELF! Raven took a long nap, and we all felt more normal. at dinner with friends she had a little relapse (hitting and kicking her friends - very unlike her), and we left that event early. raven had been asking for home all day, and by this point we are all ready to travel home the next day.
we survived this years trip to mexico, to say the least. i am already planning next years trip to ensure we have a better time (and i'll be pumping vitamins into the girls before we leave). here are a few of the finer moments captured on our trip.