Friday, August 28, 2009

children's museum with friends!

We just recently got a membership to the children's museum (when uncle j and aunty sam were here!). Raven loves the little shopping carts and all of the other fun things there are to do there! This is what will keep my sanity when the rain starts...and when the baby comes :)

Loves the slide! Feet first Raven!

Driving in the little car with friends Connor and Eliana.

Giant Zucchini

Heat wave zucchini from our garden!

Hot Summer!

This is from last month...but it is a good representation of what we have been doing a lot this summer...trying to stay cool.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lake Chelan

We had a great time in Lake Chelan with the Willis side of the family! I forgot to bring our camera down to the water, and to most other things that we did, but I remembered to bring it to the rodeo! Here are a couple from the house and a couple from the rodeo.

Checking out the bulls.


Watching the rodeo

The week started with little boys stripping off their clothes and playing in the mud.

Raven was very excited to have her cousins to play with all week!