Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lake Geneva

We had a great time with family over the weekend of the 4th! It was fun seeing everyone! Raven learned a couple words while we where there, one of which is "no." Maybe there were too many dogs getting into trouble :)

Lydia helped Raven practice her walking on the path at the lake! About a week later she started to do it on her own! We are in for a real treat....

Cousins and more cousins!

Raven and Great-Grandma T

Raven and Great-Aunty Grace

Uncle J and Aunty Sam down the street from their apartment.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

News Flash!

This morning we were able to see our baby # 2! Here are some pics of our baby GIRL!

I think she moves as much if not more than Raven did. It was hard to get a good pic because she kept rolling around. After the ultrasound we went to see the doctor to hear the heartbeat and she had a hard time finding it because the baby was moving around and kicking...we are in for a real treat come November :)