Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Weekend - Snow and Sun!

Last weekend we went with friends to try to catch the last bit of snow (the first and only snow for our family this past winter). We tried to get Raven on skis, but she wasn't into it. We tried the sled, which was only fun for a couple rides. The big hits were jumping into the snow with Matt, and the slide that Matt created in the snow was a hit (only for Raven). We had a good time with friends...and thanks to Chris and Sara for letting us crash at your place last minute!
On Sunday evening we decided to make the most of the sunshine and warm(ish) weather, so we walked down to the lighthouse at discovery park (which is right by our house). We packed dinner, loaded up the stroller, and headed down to the beach. Raven put her toes in the water, which was totally freezing and threw rocks into the water while Hazel and I watched from a distance.

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