Thursday, October 21, 2010

sweet raven

as some of you know, raven has been a bit of a handful these last couple weeks. since she has learned to climb out of her crib, nap time has turned into play time. raven has been unloading every drawer she can get her hands on, jumping into hazel's crib and waking her up, opening child-proof infant tylenol and dumping it all over our bed, opening hand sanitizer and dumping it all over our bed (in the same spot as the tylenol), ...she has completely covered herself in an entire container of vaseline, tried (and failed) to change her own poopy diaper, tried on most of hazel's clothes (her favorite being "hazel's undies" which is just hazel's swimsuit), the list goes on...

today, this is how i found her :)

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Corrin said...

They don't call 'em the terrible two's for nothing. She must have warn herself out with all that mischief :D It is nice when they slow down and we see that sweet baby inside!