Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween ...a little late

I just realized I never posted anything about Halloween. Mom brain has been my excuse lately, so I'll just go with that. Let's see...what did we do... First we went to the community center to decorate pumpkins and play at the carnival in the community center. Raven and her bff were princesses. They pretty much held hands the entire time! Here is a little video...

Later that week we had a fun Halloween lunch at our friends house! There were massive amounts of kids, and a bit of chaos...but it was so fun!

Later that day we went to Magnolia Village to Trick or Treat. They close off the streets and the businesses hand out candy. Tons of people go to this, and it was actually a really warm sunny evening...which is nothing like what it usually is this time of year. Raven changed her clothes about a hundred times that afternoon, so I finally put a flower headband on her and called it good (I found out later that she also had 3 skirts on!) Hazel's costume was an easy little jacket...she was a sweet little butterfly!

Raven and Eliana held hands the whole time!

Hazel and her future boyfriend are in the stroller behind Raven :)

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