Monday, May 31, 2010

"happy to you!"

Raven is officially 2, though she has been acting 2 for quite a while now :) She has been singing " you! you!" for about a month (ever since her best friends birthday in april). We had a fun day celebrating with a little cupcake for breakfast, gymnastics later that morning, and out to dinner (which is more of a treat for Matt and I than it is for Raven ~ but we are celebrating 2 years of parenthood as well!).

We also had friends over the next day to celebrate with more cupcakes, as requested by the birthday girl! It was a small gathering, a rainy seattle day, but Raven had a fun time with friends!


Corrin said...

It's funny you don't have to help them eat the cake at the second birthday like you do at the first.

Christie said...

Happy belated birthday to Raven! Can't believe your sweet little girl is two! Where does the time go?!

Grace Tazelaar said...

So glad Raven had a fun birthday. Green is her Aunty Grace's favorite color too. Looks like she enjoyed her cupcakes. Can't wait to see her and Hazel next month!