Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hazel's Dedication

Phew! What a week this has been. Wednesday we found out that Hazel had an ear infection, so we got her medicated and she was vomiting that night. Its very hard to see such a little baby so sick. Thursday she was better but Raven was starting to get a cold. By Friday afternoon Raven had a fever, so we rushed over to the Dr. because I knew we would need something for the weekend. She too had an ear infection.

We made it to Mother's Day fully medicated, a bit tired, but we were there to dedicate Hazel to the Lord. As I mom I am learning that the hardest part about my job is lifting my girls up to the Lord and giving Him authority over their lives. I know I worry too much, and I think I have total control over them as their mom. I am learning every day to pray for their lives, their choices, their futures, their husbands, etc. I'm a work in progress, but I love my family :)

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Grace Tazelaar said...

I too continue to learn about how little I control and how much I need to depend on God. I know your Mom felt much the same about you and look what God did for you. He will surely do the same for Raven and Hazel.