Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cousins visit :)

Here's a shout out to my cousins who came to visit! Ok, they were here to visit their friends (and this was a month ago - time flies), but we were lucky enough to meet them for lunch. Ruth and Jennie, it was so great to see you two, and I love seeing how close you are to each other :) Also, I loved seeing you with my girls! You will both be good mommies someday. (no rush, Ruth, your time will come soon enough :))
Here are some photo I stole from Ruth's facebook! Love!


CalvinGirl said...

Lisa! You are too cute... and your girls are adorable. We LOVED being able to see you!! I'm hoping I get my memory card fixed soon, and then I'll email you more pictures!! Give the little ladies hugs from me!! Miss you guys already!

Grace Tazelaar said...

I like the new lead photo as well. Thanks for keeping us posted on the Willis family.