Tuesday, August 10, 2010

july round up

Raven LOVES to hold Hazel, and Hazel loves her big sister! Its amazing, though, how quickly the smiles and gentle hugs turn into a death grip and tears.

Lately the girls have loved watching Daddy go to work...it helps with their sad hearts and the tears that come when they know he is leaving. We have 2 Daddy's girls on our hands. They also love to see how he will be going to work. Is he riding his bike? or driving his motorcycle? or more frequently driving his car? Raven yells through the window "Bye! Bye Da Da! Have a day!"

Pool Party with friends! Always a ton of fun!

Sisters playing in the cool. Me: Raven, its a pool p-p-pool. Raven: Its a cool p-p-cool. *sigh* Oh yes, that is Raven drinking the pool. The girl loves to drink water. That can't be bad thing, right? I just try not to think about the gross stuff in that water.

Lovely post swim dinner :)She refused to take off the hat. Oh well. Pick your battles and enjoy these little moments that I will look back on and simply smile. At least she's eating her dinner ;)

...and yes, Hazel is following in Raven's footsteps! She has discovered how to carry a purse while she plays (and loving every minute of feeling like a big girl!).

more to come soon!

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Grace Tazelaar said...

Raven, I love the hat! You just keep it on! She's such a little lady. What fun with these two girls! Wish I could be there; but this is a good alternative.