Wednesday, September 22, 2010

august/september roundup

wow! i have a lot of catching up to do! i can't believe its the end of september already...we have been a busy bunch of people over here. raven is slowly learning to go pee on the potty (and mommy has her fingers crossed that this will stick soon!), and hazel has started crawling all over the place and up the stairs!
In august we took a vacation with some of matt's family to the coast. raven always has so much fun with her cousins! on the last day when we had to leave she cried in the car for the first 20 minutes "my cousins!" We love making memories with family :) we also were able to spend some time with just our family, which was fun too!

The fall has also started the beginning of a Bible study for me (the girls are also in a little Bible class while I am in my class), at tot bop class for Raven (she likes to dance and sing the special tot bop songs!), and soon another mom group I'm in will start up. The sun is shining here, and we are busy and happy!

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