Friday, September 24, 2010


ahhh Victoria! Every time I think of you I hear the angels singing songs of praise! Matt and I had a wonderful 4 day trip (sans little girls) to this wonderful little place in Canada. (The girls had their own adventures with Grandma including 2 birthday parties and playgrounds and lots of fun! Thanks Grandma!)
We walked a lot, rented a scooter...twice, enjoyed a spa day, played darts, ate lots of good food, and drank some yummy local beers...but we mostly just enjoyed each other. no schedules. no timeline. no rushing around. it was so fun, and it was exactly what we needed at this time in our lives.
After four days we were ready to come home to our adorable little girls! We would skype with them every day for about 10-15 min. which was just enough time to see how much fun they were having with Grandma, but we were ready to come home and give hugs and kisses.

Scooters! So much fun...and even more funny after a bug hit Matt on the tooth! hehe!

In front of the Dutch Bakery...'nuf said.

Skyping with the girls :)

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CalvinGirl said...

you guys are too cute... :)